For Sale, 2x Walkera Voyager 3, Tali H500, 2x f12e, extras, now $1,800

Discussion in 'Walkera Classifieds' started by Douglas Pratt, Nov 18, 2019.

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    My drone fleet is getting too big-- Here’s what I’m selling today~~

    2 Walkera Voyager 3 quadcopters. Both in hard shell cases, each with battery, one lightly used, the second will need some cell replacement.
    Both have BT-4201B ground station datalinks; both have never been crashed, both have original props, with 3 pair extra, new in the box.
    3 Walkera Voyager 3 gimbals; one is the factory white ball 360 degree camera, and the other 2 are for GoPro or similar sport flight cameras.
    2 Devention f12e transmitters, 12 channels with 5” video screen. One is the White version, the other is Black. Both work perfectly. One has a LiPo battery, the other has the 8x AA battery holder.
    One Walkera tablet ground control station. This holds a phone or tablet, and allows motion flight control with a free app from Walkera, or you can fly normally with the sticks.
    2x SKYRC e8 100W chargers-- these are what you need for the 8 cell, 29.6 volt flight battery. Both are in excellent condition.
    All cables, hex keys for bolts throughout, 2 transmitter sunscreens, 1 extra 12 channel receiver, and manuals, are included.
    One extra flight video transmitter; the drone with this has a $25 rear gear motor that needs replacement~~ or you can fly it as is, leaving the rear strut/foot down all the time.

    TaliH500 hexacopter, with 2 complete sets of props, 4 flight batteries, one brand new, 2 slightly used, and one outside the shell; all parts of this are included.
    1 BT-4201B datalink, 1 complete extra landing gear assembly, several additional carbon fiber leg tubes, foot pads, 2 extra motors, 2 extra ESC units, 6 extra arm LED running light covers--
    Dedicated Walkera 3 axis gimbal controller and frame; -- yaw arm is bent, I couldn’t repair it, but the motors are good, and I’ll include all of it with purchase. Rough landing.
    One iLook+ 5.8g self contained sport flight camera. The gimbal mount rail pulled one bolt from the body, but a rivet should fix that nicely~~ or rebuild with a new shell.
    A dedicated charger is included for the Tali batteries, which also charges the f12e transmitter. Both Tali and Voyager 3 use the f12e~~ this setup also allows 2 person flight. Buddy-box trainer cables are included, or you can fly with one person controlling the drone, and the other operating the gimbal and camera, from the 2 separate f12e radios.
    With pilot permission, third parties with compatible bluetooth equipment, such as a tablet, smartphone, etc. can watch the flight in real time.

    There is much more in the way of odds and ends, mostly for the Tali~~ one price for everything, asking $1,800. Will consider partial sale, but best deal if you buy it all at once.
    Save $100 if you can pick it up in Providence RI or Boston, Ma. I may consider delivering locally-- ca$h, Paypal, or Bitcoin~~ and I also take most leading forms of plastic money.
    Please-- no scammers. I will ship at actual cost anywhere in the world once I have clear funds, subject to US export restrictions.
    Pictures will be forthcoming; we all know what these drones look like, and mine are in excellent condition, except as noted otherwise.

    Email here or call Doug anytime at 617-794-5782.

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    how much are you looking for a gopro gimbal

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