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    Evening Gents -

    Going to attempt switching the Premium 350 into GPS hold tomorrow. had a couple questions first though...

    I understand that switching from manual into GPS hold mid flight will end in disaster? Reason for this? If this is the case, how is one to switch from Manual to Return to Home, without issues as well?

    Also not sure I am understanding the whole blue led "double blinking" to indicate satellite #'s? My Premium will blink blue 8 - 10 times steadily at roughly one second intervals (obviously a blinking blue light, but not what I would consider a "double blink" - normal?

    Thirdly, I am sure I am seeing the red led blinking while the blue led is blinking - making some random blinks appear white - an annoyance, but normal?

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    This is fine. But do not attempt it if you have less than 50% battery. That can cause a glitch and is in several Walkera drone manuals. Normal practice is to take off in manual (GPS takeoff has issues if you start taking off from non level ground) and then switch to GPS flight.

    Switching back to Manual is a good idea when landing again if you are on non level ground.

    I never recommend using RTH on any drone. It is way too dependant on Compass calibration and magnetic anomalies. I would only use if in FPV and you lose video connection and have lost line of sight to the drone. i.e. emergency use only.

    Also never arm the drones motors until you have about 8 or more sats in the lock if you intend to fly in GPS mode. The home position is set at the time you arm the motors. If you arm early the home position it locks could be in another state.

    Ensure that you have a valid Compass calibration. You need to start and finish the calibration back on level ground before the lights stop flashing. If the lights stop before its back on level ground the calibration has failed. There is no indication of a compass calibration fail. This is not documented in any Walkera manual.

    The Premium brightens the Red LED at the rear when the motors are armed. Unarmed it has a dull red light. So when it acquires 5 sats it blinks one blue light. For each additional sat it flashes one more blue. Wait for it to flash at last 3 Blue Flashes. So Blue-Blue-Blue pause. Blue-Blue-Blue pause. etc. When you arm the motors it brightens the Red rather than the pause.

    Motors armed with 8 sats is Red-Blue-Blue-Blue-Red-Blue-Blue-Blue-Red etc. Motors armed with 14 sats is Red-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Blue-Red. etc.

    As above. Normal.

    Have fun.
    And ensure you have at least 3 flights in manual under the belt after a compass calibration so it can do a fine tune on the compass and IMU before attempting a GPS flight. otherwise it will drift. Do slow yaw rotations in manual each flight, and power down they done between flights. The flights only need to be 5 minutes each.

    Its a great sporty bird to fly, has good wind
    penetration and good GPS hold. If you have the BT ground station version you can program auto flights and waypoints on your Android smart device.

    Loads of fun. I
    have 2 of them.

    Cheers Brian

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