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Discussion in 'Walkera Voyager 3' started by showme71vette, Mar 23, 2019.

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    I had had great flights out of this drone...A great flying drone...never an issue with the drone or flight ...The camera was glitchy and just got worse on the gimbal...but flights were great..The last flight was going good,was in GPS mode in a steady wind circled my place @350' up.I stopped and was holding position in the wind just up from where i was standing.. camera was not working at all and I always had a view on the transmitter before.lowered the landing gear and it worked.However I went the mover the drone and got no responce...it was locked where it was ,,,no throttle or any responce....I checked battery levels signal strength all looked great..Gps still was holding the drone so no worries. I was only 5 or 6 min into the flight on a full battery..I decided to try return to home since I knew that it could fall if I switched to manual..I switched it and the drone started a slow decent to the take off spot(it was above it anyway) I could hear the blades holding position in the wind and watched it drop to about 300'.......all was going good....Then it shut off...I couldn't wake it and it was comming fast.Im instilled was to set the transmitter down and catch it....um,, no!! needless to say we have had alot of snow and rain so the ground is soft....the drone hit and actually stuck in the ground...One motor was a good 10" in.......It was ugly! I have a hole in my yard lined in plastic and carbon fiber....I actually found a lot of parts on line but props and motor arms are out of stock and only plastic props available....at rididulous shipping.....The camera system and parts was never available. I could get it in the air with a few home built parts but I pretty disappointed for money spent...If I could put a better camera on it I would fix it...

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    How many times have you flown with that battery?

    What battery level do you discharge to?

    How long after a flight do you recharge the battery?

    How long have you left a battery full charged?

    The battery failed on you. Either through possible issues above or most likely a stalled Landing gear servo. They tend to stall on low battery situations.

    You were fighting the wind so it was using excess power to hold its position.

    In future with all the Walkera models with retractable gear. Only rise or lower the gear when just above the ground.


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