voyager 3 perfect rait out of the box.

Discussion in 'Walkera Voyager 3' started by anthony 787, Apr 20, 2018.

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    hi .
    i se that ther ar menny trer have problems hvit ther w.v 3 .
    main hver perfect strait out of the box..!. one thing the manual must be follovt 100% ther a som small ishues ther Arent hvit other drones . an som thing must be faunt out of bai train araunt a little .
    fx main vil only baint op as a dji. first pover op the drone an then the radio opesit of normal.
    but no problem.
    main is the laidest version hvit the bigger cannopy. an 709 main controller .
    ey have only 2. regreats .
    it misses som form of propeller lock.
    an the cammera cot be filmen better .my little dji spark have vay better video shut .

    but in orle am i super satisfait hvit my voyager 3. an hope that in taim ther vil com a disent camera for it.



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