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Discussion in 'Walkera F210' started by igeuryts, Jul 26, 2018.

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    I crashed top side down on soft ground with a little throttle. I was maybe 40 ft high. Because it all happened so fast, I never throttled down until I heard the impact. When I did throttle down, I could still hear the motors running, but by the time I got around to the quad, the motors stopped. After that, whenever I started my quad, the motors wouldn't lock/unlock, and they won't take throttle input.
    I read something about flashing cleanflight and doing a bit of tinkering to get the motors to unlock.
    I have cleanflight flashed with the newest spracingf3 hex file. Within cleanflight, I cannot get any response from the motor tab when trying to test motor calibration. Also, I tried BLHeli Suite and it cannot read the ESC's. I think the BLHeli thing is just a walkera ESC thing, but I am desperate to find my issue and get back into the air.

    If anyone else could thing of something that caused my motors to stop working on a crash that caused no damage other than a bit of dirt through everything, and a bent antenna, please let me know!

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    You have to pull the model part and check that there are no cracks in the mainboard and remove and clean the RX / FC connectors.

    Do not try and play with Cleanflight. You end up bringing your FC. particularly if you use the current Cleanflight version.

    You have now bricked your drone by flashing incompatible FW from an incompatible version of Cleanflight.

    You need to load the correct version of cleanflight and the latest FW and config files from our resources tab. And start from basics.

    You must perform the hardware maintenance as advised above first.

    Cheers Brian

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