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    As some of you are very familiar with the registration and licensing of models over roughly a half pound in weight, designed to regulate Drones but bleeding over into our good friends, or most of you that fly all types model aircraft within our frequency and guidelines.

    Well, as of this week, John A. Taylor, an attorney won a monumental case against the FAA and the the law has been found to be in violation of the goverments FAA's ruling. The law is now " VOID".
    If, like myself, you don't invite trouble and licensed right on up, I would suggest doing what I assumed when licensing, save & frame as proof of over-regulation, for posterity and for after the repeal!
    I suggest we all continue to use due diligence and fly by the guidelines here in the US and in your respected Countries as always.
    I think more then ever, if you have an area of, over enforcement and they do exist, it would be wise if your Country requires mw restrictions on your vtx or a 35 question test here in the US, it might be a good idea to have this if your over 25mw, you know who you are. It may save you some bucks in the long run. The FCC can track your signal right to you if you fly near or within 5 miles of an airport and I expect this may be there only concern. I have not heard of any other interactions.
    In closing, I would like to commend Mr. John Taylor on pursuing this direct conflict to our way of life in the modeling community and righting a wrong against one of the greatest self regulated hobbies World Wide!
    Happy Flying, but Safety First!

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