Tali H500 and Parts for Sale

Discussion in 'Walkera Classifieds' started by Douglas Pratt, Nov 5, 2019.

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    We’re going on 2 years now. To trade or sell I have a Tali H500 with 4 batteries, 2 used, 1 new in box, one loose with damaged but likely restorable case, spare landing gear and motors, props, smalls like cables and screws, disassembled gimbal, control board, drone body had one screw on the mounting rail pull out, a rivet should fix it, ilook+ camera.

    I need batteries for Voyager 3, props if they’re carbon fiber, worm servo for rear landing skid.

    I have an extra Voyager 3 GoPro gimbal, new and one that sometimes sticks or sputters alittle.

    3DR x8+ octocopter with pixhawk flight controller, motors, props, dual gps, frsky receiver, landing struts, expansion card, 10000 ma battery, choice of chargers if you need one. Solo transmitter, works well with pixhawk


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