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    I have bought a new QR X800 unit and got it today, look nice and started to install the part.
    • 3D Gimball Walkera
    • Devo 12S (with AX1202)
    • WK-MP-RPM
    • WK-GPS
    • Drone QR X800
    Now I wanted to connect the 3D Gimball to transmitter but see I have not one included (did request to to get all working).
    Also WK-GPS and WK-MP-RPM I have no place to connect, so guess I need Walkera Telemetry module but that was not told to me.

    So did just send email to that company to ask what parts I need to order to get TV signal working and what is must do to get Telemetry working.
    Next step I was setup the Devo 12S, just to get unit to communicate with the Drone.
    As this unit has huge list with possibilities I was suspired that I could not get a default config for the X800.
    Is someone know if there is a config that I can load or must I do all manual setting.
    So not like this as when I go up in air I do not want to forget a setting.

    Hope someone can help me here.



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