Scout X4 pronounced abrupt movement when initializing or coming out of GPS modes.

Discussion in 'Walkera Scout X4' started by chase, May 6, 2016.

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    Okay, so I went out, bought a brand new heavy duty over priced usb cable specially for the Scout.

    Updated the firmware again today thinking it was newer than the one I had installed.

    Recalibrated the compass.

    Flew a bit before trying out/testing different modes like GPS, Orbit, Auto Takeoff.

    It's a fairly calm day wind wise.

    I had 11-12 SATs locked steady.

    I noticed today when I put the Scout in GPS mode it reacted abruptly. Not once, but every time. Best way to describe it is like when you rev the engine up on a car and put it in gear and it makes that slamming movement as the tranny engages.

    Not a noise, but a movement. A sudden and abrupt jerking, like I revved up the engine and put the transmission in gear. It's rather pronounced. Not smooth, or fairly smooth like before.

    I couldn't find a video that was Scout X4 specific but If you go to appox 4:00 in this next video, even though it's the Tali you'll see him switch it to GPS mode. There's hardly any movement from the Tali as its activated.

    Mine use to be close to that even in a lot heavier winds than today.

    Now when putting it into and taking it out of GPS mode or Orbit mode it has an abrupt movement... As stated, like I revved up the engine on a car and put it in gear and the tranny slams, jerking the car as it's engaged.

    My Scout holds fine, Auto takeoff's fine, Orbits fine after that initial slam jerking motion.

    It's that initial abrupt pronounced "slamming" into and out of gear that I'd like eliminate.

    When filming, it needs to be a smooth transition if possible.

    Any thoughts on how to smooth this out?

    - chase -


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