Scout X4 Body decals available.

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    I have waited a long, long time with several requests to get the body stickers/decals from Walkera for the Scout X4. (Over a year now in fact.)

    Though it may be a little late in the game.
    Well.. I finally received them today. And they sent me extra. And I'm willing to share. But only to those that show me they are customizing their X4 as I have but a very limited supply.

    So if you are custom painting your Scout.
    Post a pic and pm me. I'll give you the info you need and I'll send you a set of body stickers.

    I'm not charging for them. But you will have to send me a self addressed stamped envelope to put them in.

    The set includes the
    2 Scout X4 side decals
    1 Devention decal.

    These are OEM straight from Walkera in China.

    They didn't include the GPS decal unfortunately.. but. This is better than nothing.



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