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Discussion in 'Walkera Scout X4' started by chase, Sep 6, 2017.

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    I thought I'd share a very easy battery pack / case mod I did for the Scout X4.

    This mod gives you direct access to the battery without the hassle associated with trying to open the case. Which, if you ever tried getting the front cover off the case you know what a chore that can be.

    Onto to the mod...

    It's pretty much self explanatory via the pics.

    What you're going to do is simply take a sharp razor knife and cut the top portion of the back side of the battery cage off.

    It'll look like so...


    There's a natural line right where the charge terminals plug in. It's very easy to cut if your knife is sharp. DO NOT put a ton of pressure on the knife. Or insert it too deep. You only want to cut the case, NOT the wires or battery inside the case.

    Once cut, you can simply pull the top part of the cage off by squeezing along the center line. There's little clips that hold it together.

    Once open, you can pull the battery to charge it without going through the circuit boards and possibly frying the on/off switch.

    Or replace the battery with another brand if it goes bad. Or deflate it if it's puffy. (that last one is your call)

    Any way...
    Here's the battery installed...


    And what's cool.
    The cover will snap back on because of the little clips on each side.


    Use some Scotch tape to secure it so it doesn't come apart inside the Scout. Or just run it without the top and use a strap over the top to hold the battery in place. I haven't tried that method but plan on it.

    Something else I did at this point was to print out the positive / negative symbols on a Dymo label printer as you see below.


    This way if I opt to use that terminal. And tossed the top back section or have it off or whatever... The polarity is right there and clearly visible.

    And some may have noticed the front concert is off this particular battery cage. It's off for painting.

    Here's one with the front cover on that the mod was done to.


    Hope you guys find this helpful..


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    I bought a scout a couple of years ago but since i am an absolute amateur, I was afraid to take it out and destroy it the first time I flew it so it sat in its case until now. I bought a spare battery which seems to be dead. It is swollen a tiny bit but enough to stop it fitting into the Scout. One cell is slightly out of balance and will only charge as far as 4v. Do you think this battery is beyond saving? Thank you so much for this post. After seeing just how difficult these batteries are to find now and they cost as much as much as the new phantom batteries when you can find them. I thought I was going to never get to use this quad. I can definitely figure taking the case apart but I don't trust myself to pick the right battery to replace it with. Can you recommend some batteries I could try? Thank you so much again
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