Scout x4 and vibration

Discussion in 'Walkera Help!' started by Justmee, Sep 6, 2015.

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    Hi! I am New to this and i really don't know where to get help. I am currently in posession of 2 scout x4 where one of them were defective and would not start binding. After some time i realized that the main board was defective because only one Component got Power. This included some soldering. Now everything Works as it should, blinking and all. but the damn devo Controller will not stop shaking when it binds, and there is no Connection, i cannot unlock the motors. Could i have Connected the esc in the wrong order? And could anyone tell me the right order?
    The red light is flashing and i did not Connect the gps or landing gir yet. When the gps Connects it starts blinking blue sometimes.
    I am in posession of all the Components for this drone, and it is out of warranty.
    I would really appreciate some help if you can pm me or reply straight to the thread.

    Thank you

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    The transmitter will vibrate a couple of times as it binds with the model.

    The Transmitter will also vibrate if the telemetry is active and one of the alarm thresholds are met.

    Normally this would be just the flight battery voltage.

    To test turn off the telemetry in the F12E and see if it stops vibrating.

    Most likely your flight battery is toast. Or you have a short in the model causing the voltage to sag.

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