RX-SBUSe diversity Receiver, replacement antenna leads?

Discussion in 'Walkera Devention Radios' started by Mwood, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Hi there, pretty much as the title suggests!
    Is it possible to get 'Walkera' replacement antenna leads for this RX?


    I have now amassed a collection of 12 or more of this RX which all still function but have broken antenna leads... They always break in the same place, right at the base of the antenna next to where it is soldered to the board, just where the shield braid has been factory stripped!

    No amount of hot gluing, epoxy gluing and replacing the heat shrink with extra length seems to stop the problem from occurring for more than a few extra weeks of use!
    I can only assume that the braid is being damaged during factory stripping and vibration eventually breaks the shield wire!

    I have tried various 'off the shelf' pre-cut replacement 2.4g antenna leads, checked bare conductor length, trimmed and tuned and cannot seem to achieve a range that exceeds around 75-80m!
    And it really is a case of reception stops dead within 1-2m!
    It's partial failsafe --> regain --> drift maybe 1m --> full failsafe --> drop out of the sky!

    Yet the original antennas i can get a range of 500m+ unobstructed with both antennas and with just 1 antenna around 350-400m with an occasional partial failsafe at extremity around 400m

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    I have posted elsewhere on this subject, If you search for it.

    Replace the solder connection with an IPEX pin and Socket.

    Here are at the pre socket antenna leads.

    10X 100mm 2.4G Receiver Antenna IPEX Port For FRSKY JR

    Here are the solder on connectors for the RX.

    100Pcs IPEX U.FL SMD SMT Solder Jack PCB Mount Socket Male Plug RF Connector-in Connectors from Home Improvement on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

    Now the antenna become snap on snap off. So will just snap off in a crash.

    Cheers Brian

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