Runner 250 (R) Advance: Flight Modes and GPS not working

Discussion in 'Walkera Help!' started by itssimsch, Oct 12, 2020.

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    I have recently bought a used Walkera Runner 250 Advance. When trying it out for the first time I noticed something: Neither the dedicated GPS functions, nor the flight modes (Intermediate and especially Acro) were working. When debugging with MultiWiiConf I noticed that most of the functions I previously mentioned would never or on wrong triggers activate (f.e. Horizon would activate on MIX 2, where actually Returnt to home should).
    I am thinking that simply flashing the old firmware to the flight controller and Devo 7 would help. Is that correct? If so, how can I accomplish said? Where can I find a tutorial? In this thread a PDF was mentioned.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    OK a couple of things.

    Delete your copy of MultiWiiConf. It is not compatible with the Walkera Flight controller.

    You need to use the supplied version of MultiWiiWInGUI that is included on our resources Tab with the FW you need.

    You can't do anything with the Devo 7 unless you buy the upgrade dongle. You don't need to update the FW but you do need to set the Model settings for the Drone. You can find the correct setting in the Quick Start Guide.

    Manual: Quick Start Guide Runner 250 R

    Here is the user manual for the Devo 7.

    Manual: Devention 7

    Now that you have likely misconfigured the drone with MutiWii you will need to reset the FW and then load the default settings.

    Instructions for the download and unpack instructions are here.

    Runner 250 Advance Firmware

    Also if you buy the Walkera dongle for the Devo 7 you can load my advanced radio configuration that addresses things like the Flip of Death. (Throttleup) Dual rates. etc :)

    Config is here.

    Model Configs Devo 7: Runner 250(R)

    Let us know how you go or ask more questions if need need further info.

    Cheers Brian

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