Runner 250 Pro unresponsive mid flight

Discussion in 'Walkera Runner 250 Pro' started by LittleJimmy, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Today I was flying my 250 pro (manual mode) in the backyard and everything was going fine for the first 5 minutes of the flight. I was flying back towards me about 5 feet off the ground and the drone just started drifting away from me about 20' away and then flew up to about 20' high and just stayed there. The controller was fully charged but it would no longer control the drone at all. The return to home function was no longer working either. I have been flying rc airplanes for years on 72 MHz and flew some on 2.4 Ghz and have never had this type of issue. This is not my first drone but I was at a loss on how to regain control. After a couple of minutes of trying everything I got desperate and turned the controller off and back on to see if that would help and it did NOT. After the battery got low enough it started to drop pretty quickly and I thought about catching it but chickened out with the props spinning. It hit hard enough to snap a rear landing gear but that was the only damage. My question is what would have caused this? What would be the most likely culprit for this issue? The drone has never been wrecked and my first several flights had no issues what so ever. I will replace the landing gear but I was hoping to find some answers on a possible cause. The drone was brand new and I have only had it a couple weeks. I have now set the failsafe on the Devo 7 controller to safe and 100% throttle reduction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just did a firmware update to: WALKERA_FCS_RUNNER-250-PRO_DFU_V1.0.7 Firmware hoping that would help. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am concerned about flying it at this point. Thank you.

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    You can only switch transmitter off and on again if you have Fixed ID set in the radio.

    You were in manual mode so no Auto or Manual RTH possible.

    I dont believe that the Failsafe will work that you set on the Devo7.

    The Failsafe operates on the RX outputs. But the FC for a GPS automated return to home on signal failure will I think override.

    I also fly Fixed Wing, Helicopters and Multirotors.

    Fixed wing is nice and simple. Helis and Quads have a complex FC that sometimes goes awry.

    If you are flying in Manual mode do not select GPS or RTH mid flight. There are warnings in the manuals.

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