My ilook + HD and G-3DH Gimbal

Discussion in 'Walkera Cameras/Videos' started by savage600, May 21, 2018.

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    Hey guys, I finally got a new i look + HD camera direct from Walkera and have mounted it in the G-3DH gimbal.

    I had my hex out on the weekend and tested it out and it all works as it should and I even managed to get it connected via wifi to my Samsung S8.

    One thing I have noticed while playing around with the hex is that with both switches on the gimbal set to position 0, the gimbal will drift on the Y axis ( pan ) very slowly, maybe this is because the Hex isn't flying ( not sure yet, but what is your opinion)?

    I have the gimbal set to a 3 position switch on my Taranis X9d Plus and the gimbal works as it should when connected to the 3 position switch.

    The gimbal was purchased secondhand ( without much use at all ) and looks in excellent condition. I can't seem to find much info on tuning the Gimbal, but it doesn't seem to shake or shudder and the extent of it's limits.

    I also thought that you could adjust to roll and pitch when turned on via the pots on the control unit, but this doesn't seem the case, but it is adjustable via the Taranis.

    Well here is a pic of the 2 anyway.

    Cheers Dave. 20180521_193001.jpg

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    The gimbal is adjustable but its quite complex. There is a Youtube video on Tuning the Gimbal.
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