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Discussion in 'Walkera F210 3D' started by RC/DC, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Ok so I had to reboot my f210 3D on Betaflight. Worked great! Now I'd like to install the F210 Firmware that is presently posted on the Walkera website.
    How do I do this? Do I do it through BetaFlight or Cleanflight or directly through my laptop(dedicated PC for RCing only).
    Do I need that USB dongle they(Walkera install instructions) tell us to use when upgrading. I'm assuming I don't since I was able to connect the F210 to my PC for reBoot using the USB cord supplied in the box that the F210 3D came in.
    Walkera Firmware link: Walkera official website - Walkera—Intelligence makes it possible

    Basically I need instructions on how to install the latest F210 firmware NOT using the 'dongle'...

    Also, Just added Deviation on my Devo 10 and Who I turn it on no Models show up. They show up on the D10 Drive on my PC with names, etc. Anyone have any suggestions/help?



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