Installed a Foxeer Monster V2 on my F210

Discussion in 'Walkera F210' started by Gribz, Dec 20, 2017.

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    IMG_4822.JPG IMG_4839.JPG IMG_4840.JPG IMG_4841.JPG I installed a Foxeer Monster V2 on my F210. it needs a little bit of soldering and modifications to the frame (if you have the new type cameraplate on your F210)
    To get a higher view angle, I cut off a part of the camera plate and used the mount that came with the V2 and placed the mount on top of the headlight lampshade. Now I have enough room to tilt the camera as much as I like. Still thinking about placing the mount a little bit more backwards for more camera protection, but that means al little bit of sanding on the plastic part to get a flat surface.
    The image qaulity is great and I really like the OSD options that you can adjust easily with the remote. For the moment I placed the OSD remote on the left side of the battery compartment. When I figured out the best settings I intend to remove the remote again.
    I only have one issue with the OSD. When I plug in my 4S battery the OSD displays it as a 3S battery. Not a real problem for me but I am wondering what can cause this fault.


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