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Discussion in 'Walkera Helicopters' started by FIREchris007, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Banggood shipping is normally free or very cheap. I bought 3 and my Nephew bought 1 of the V450D03 BNFs so there is none left. They still have a couple of RTF kits with a Devo7.

    I have heaps of everything as spares I do that for all the models I fly I also have a V450BD5 forgot to add that to the list. I bought 3 complete sets of spares to be able to build 3 from scratch. I will have to take video of that. Its a 450 size scale air wolf. I have had to replace the FC all the servos and the rear rotor assembly on mine so far. It needs a new set of blades installed. Its a 5 blade rotor head.


    I converted it from a 3 Axis to a 6 Axis Gyro (V450D01 FC) and at these arm time I installed a Walkera telemetry sensor system. The sensor system shorted out burnt out all the Collective servos and the flight controller. hence the repairs.

    Touch wood I have not had to replace anything on the other 450s. Yet. I have that many models that none of them get overworked.

    You can get parts but they dry up very quickly. This is the reason I bought the additional 3 from Banggood 3 for spare parts. I am going to rip out the FC of 2 of them for implantation in my 2 x Walkera 4F200LM scale Lamas. They are gorgeous scale models. Dang forgot to add them to the list as well. They are 3G Axis. I want to covert them to 6G.


    If you are concerned about long term spare availability you would be better off buying an Align Trex. Banggood has a super deal on the 470LM Super Combo at the moment has everything included as well as a Beast Pro flight controller. Mine is in the mail. :)

    Strangely enough my missus likes the Helis and Drones flying round. She like it when she is on the lounge and I hover over her head. She likes the blade wash.

    She has more confidence in my flying than I do.

    Cheers Brian
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    Ha ha, Nice Airwolf, 5 blade Euro Sport style rotor head, very Sweet! I like it and isn't it interesting how many toys you forgot to count.Ha ha It sounds like once all the bugs are worked out though, your going to be flying Heli's a good bit more too. Love to see your idea come together, it's a really good one!
    Oh, my wife has no fear of my flight ability's, she just doesn't like it in either of our house's and I solely own one myself, business stuff. I fly them anyway, but She'll knock a small one out of the air if you don't stay back out of her reach, ha ha. It's those antique lamp shades and the window blinds. I had just put in a new gyro mildly adjusted and oh my, heli locked and loaded in a forward pitch after a fairly stable take off. Needless, I was sort of forced to fly it around the great room and all because I didn't want to crash land it right after fixing the main rotor gear.

    I've lost track of how long I been paying for that error in judgement, Ha ha, but Biggest thing, wife started not caring about our, yea I said our, RC stuff after a health condition caused her to surrender her Commercial Pilot's license, I too can no longer pass my yearly for private, but I love my RC and won't take it out or be miserable for something lost because of health and life!.

    I 'lI let you get back to it and thanks for the suggestions for an available Heli. I looked on ebay last night again armed with some information and very unsure I would buy one there after seeing a walkera Knock Off, actually several I think, have a look and you tell me. I also checked banggood and they said YOU cleaned them out of all their heli's, and figured their remaining stock would be mergering with yours sooner then later. Ha ha
    Happy Flying Brian!

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