How to DIY a QAV 180 FPV quadcopter?

Discussion in 'Walkera F210' started by DivenParker, Nov 30, 2016.

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    I want to DIY a FPV drone, and someone recommend the QAV180 to me, I found some information about QAV180 from, this is the information about the QAV 180:

    Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe featuring a solid 3mm thick "Unibody" main plate.

    Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns).

    "Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash, just like the QAV250.

    Flight controller cover plate includes cutouts for SMA connector and video transmitter as well as a holder for the included XT-60 Lipo pig-tail.

    Included Lumenier 4Power power distribution board and XT-60 Pig-Tail to power ESCs and FPV flight electronics. The PDB can optionally be outfitted with a Pololu 12v or 5v voltage drop-down (Pololu board not included).

    Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1000mah 3s )

    Support for 32mm board cams as well as 26mm cams in cases such as the Lumenier CM-650.

    Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, or GoPro Session) with optional camera vibration mount (not included)

    Included Landing Gear


    Airframe: 85g (with PDB and hardware), 90g with included Landing Gear.

    AUW: The QAV180 is flown with an AUW of 250-275g depending on motor choice (includes all flight electronics and FPV gear, but without Lipo or HD camera).

    Optional HD Vibration Mount

    The QAV180 does not exhibit any vibration in the on-board FPV camera signal. For pilots that wish to equip their QAV180 with a Mobius, GoPro or GoPro Session, Lumenier offers a vibration isolation camera mount kit.


    1x QAV180 carbon fiber airframe, board camera mount, 26mm camera mount, and hardware (including 35mm frame spacers)

    1x Lumenier 4Power Power distribution board + set of 6mm stand offs

    1x XT-60 Pig-Tail and silicone grommet

    1x set of 10mm aluminum landing gear and vinyl feet

    4" Anti-Vibration neoprene tape

    1x Lumenier lipo strap
    And can I buy it from getfpv? And how can I DIY a FPV quadcopter.

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    Interesting but how does this relate to Walkera?

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