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    Good day fellow pilots,

    I am Gribz from Rotterdam and own a F210 for a couple of months now. Love it!
    Started with fixed pitch helicopters and went to collective pitch helicopters and now I am in to racing drones.
    I can solder a little but for my first racing drone I wanted something practical and something I can fly straight away and not build and tune for a year before it flies like it should.
    For a beginner the F210 flies perfect from the box..
    I mostly fly freestyle LOS and some FPV, but lately I have problems with my FPV signal but I will place that in the help section.
    My F210 is mostly stock, only turned motorstop off and assigned arming sequence to different AUX and installed the beeper function.
    Hope to enjoy the F210 some more and keep learning till I can fly it to it´s limits!

    Happy flying guys!

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