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    I've read all over the web when landing your bird in GPS mode, whether the Scout, Tali, etc, about issues with prop run on.

    Despite the firmware update supposedly fixing this issue, I still have this happen. At times landing the prop run on doesn't happen while other times it does. And when it does happen, at times it's worse than other times.

    I've found a solution of sorts that seems to work everytime now landing in GPS mode to end prop run on with my bird, a Scout X4. I thought I'd share it. And a bonus tip on some gear that relates to my finding.

    I picked up one of these relatively inexpensive folding tables to use when I fly. They're around $25 US.


    You can get them at Wal-Mart, Target stores, EBay and the like. They're great btw. Perfect as a flight table for holding gear and...
    - taking off from.

    So there's tip one for you.

    Tip two for yah, is I found when I do take off from the table and land in GPS mode, I don't get any prop run on. Unless I land on ground higher or close to the take off height. Which doesn't happen often, but can if I have the table at it's lowest height.

    When I take off from the ground and then land in GPS mode, chances are I'll get prop run on.

    You could even use your case to takeoff from to lessen the chance of prop run on when landing in GPS mode.

    It seems to work for me, it might for you as GPS /altimeter readings just aren't that accurate to start. Your bird might think it's landing a couple meters away from the point it actually is.

    Hope some find these tips useful. And it works for you.

    - chase -

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