???generic ESCs in a x350 pro will it work???

Discussion in 'Walkera QRX350/QRX 350 Pro/QRX 350 Premium' started by conner, May 9, 2017.

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    hey gang, will standard 20amp brushless ESCs work with the walkera devo-m controller? ones like these...


    .....how does the walkera controller initialize them/ or any esc for that matter?
    As it is, upon battery connection, Its two beeps from the ESC's, then the Devo/m controller quickly sends them a signal, and three more beeps from the esc's.....

    FYI watch the replacement pigtails on ebay............some are wired backwards.......
    I replaced my battery wire to the distribution board, not paying attention, the new pigtail was assembled backwards....I hooked up the battery and very quickly knew there was a issue and got it unhooked within seconds, sizzling sounds and smoke.... it caused a small spot of heat damage to a copper trace on three esc's....I scraped and tinned the overheated areas with a thick dot solder, they work but I don't like that kind of sketchy stuff in my equipment. walkera esc's are pricey.....

    thanks conner


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