Furious 215 Arming & OSD Issue

Discussion in 'Walkera Furious 215' started by JNS, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Hey Walkera-Fans,

    so i got myself a F215 and been flying it for straight a month now, nearly every day. I really like it because im new in FPV and its the best RTF copter.

    The standard Props are kinda messed up right now. They brake really fast, so i replaced them with DAL T5046C Props and Gemfan 5055. Both of them are excellent. You only have to screw them onto the motors, because the motor threads are a little bigger than normal. But everythings working fine. I also upgraded the camera to a Runcam Eagle 2. Its just unplugging the old one and plug in the new one. You can even put in a cable for audio, so you are able to hear prop noise.

    But there is my first question:
    The Eagle has a second port for osd configuration. I can choose between NTSC 60 Hz, theres no OSD, and i can choose PAL 50 Hz, OSD is working. Everything good so far. The Point is, i switched to Betaflight 3.3.0, OSD is still working perfect instead of the Warnings like Armed/Disarmed and Low Voltage. Why do only the warnings not appear? I added the feature OSD in BF Configuration Tab, I tried to configure the OSD, but it is still the standard OSD without the warnings. The only difference is the camera, but the OSD is not paced in the camera, so why are the warnings missing?! Anybody got a solution?

    Second Question: After flashing BF 3.3.0, my Gyro doesnt let me arm for 10-15 secs. After this period of time, the beeper beeps and i can arm and fly. Is it caused through DSHOT600? I already compared CF and BF CLI Dumps, but i cannot find a solution. At Github, someone said its caused through a HardwareFilter gyro_lpf and too high Gyro and Loop Cycles. I turned everything down to 2,67 but it still takes 10-15 secs till i can arm.

    I would be so damn happy if someone can help me with those topics.

    Greetings from Germany!


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