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    Nowadays, drones are no longer new to the young and become a part of their life, especially to someone who love traveling and taking photos. One of the best useful drones when go anywhere and received most drone reviews is Dji Mavic Pro.

    This Dji drone received most drone reviews​

    1.Attractive size

    Dji Mavic Pro has very small size​

    The size of theDJI Mavic Pro very compact when folded only 83x83x198mm and maximum total weight is only 743gr. This is a very light weight for a camera system integrated 4K Drone and gimbal. Thanks to lightweight, Mavic can fly at a maximum speed of up to approximately 65 km / h in ideal conditions without the wind and can fly in a stable manner in the wind at a speed of 38km / h. Mavic operates up to 13 km and can fly up to 5km higher than sea level.

    2.Mavic Pro’s battery

    Battery can be used for a long time​

    Mavic is equipped with batteries having a capacity of 3830 mAh, which helps aircraft fly continuously 27 minutes (test in the absence of wind, speed 25km / h). Compared to many of the same segment as DJI Drone 4 Phantom or GoPro Karma, Mavic battery life is impressive.

    3. Magic camera

    Camera with high resolution​

    On camera, it is equipped with cluster Mavic camera gimbal integrated 3-axis stabilization, anti-shake to give smoother video. 12MP camera sensor has the size of 1 / 2.3 ", which can capture still images in RAW DNG 12MP form. The lens has the viewing angle of 78.8 ° which is equivalent to focal length 28 mm full-frame sensor. It has 4K video recording at 30fps, 30fps or FullHD 96fps 2.7K, .. with the combination of DJI Go app, you can control the flight according to your will, automatically fly in orbit or follow a certain object . Thus we will have more impressive and smoother videos.

    4. Compact control

    The compact control handle combination with the picture glass make it be the best drone for sale in 2016​

    Coming along with Mavic, DJI introduced a new control handle which is more compact than previous control of DJI. This controller integrates OcuSync Transmission technology, which transfers images from your phone Mavic at 720P resolution with the distances up to 7km. In addition, DJI also introduced an accessory named DJI Goggles, a picture wearing glasses release immediately, brings the first-person view of the camera for the driver. Goggles has angle view of 85 °, FullHD 1080p resolution gives the driver perspective which is "similar to the birds." Thanks to technology integration, OcuSync Transmission images from DJI Goggles Mavic will pass straight through intermediaries without passing through the handle, so that the image signal will be better.

    This Dji Mavic Pro is one of the best drones for sale in 2016. It becomes more and more popular among the young generation. Because it is not only small but also very fast, which is really suitable for whom they like traveling and taking photos.

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