Devo F7 for sale antenna mod

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    f7 (1).JPG f7 (4).JPG f7 yyyh (1).JPG f7 yyyh (3).JPG f7 yyyh (4).JPG f7 yyyh (5).JPG f7 (3).JPG clearing out some unneeded/ unused stuff. this was part of a setup I purchased just to get the Ilook camera, I have sold the copter. I prefer to use my devo 7 with a larger screen so this is just sitting..........Devo F7 transmitter. Ver. 0.6A. High quality RG178 cables with rp-sma connectors, external antenna connections added. Battery is good, takes and holds a charge, only downside is the D/R switch knob is broken off, it still works, and can be flipped. its not configured for my x350pro so I never bothered replacing it.
    asking $120 obo, well packed and shipped to US addresses via usps.

    exchanges/ trades for unmodded radios considered

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