Android video link and RC signal range issues

Discussion in 'Walkera Voyager 4' started by Renato Tome, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Jul 2, 2019
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    I bought v4 to help on industrial inspection where I use to do with DJi products. The v4 zoom capacity looked like a very good solution, but since first use I am experimenting problems that need some help to get knowledge on how to fix then. I had a search on the internet and but no infos were found.
    1. When using smartphone motorola one or tablet samsumg tab s2 I am not able to link video. Of course android compatibility/standard app mode was reseted before trying. Trying to conect with Ipad 2 Air I had no problem to link it. Looks like some compatibility with android is lost.
    2. Flying in clear areas. We cannot achieve more than 600 meters of rc signal. Also can somebody recomend some accessory to increase standard rc range?


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