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Discussion in 'Walkera Talk' started by Kelley Kennedy, Oct 23, 2020.

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    First time Caller..Long time Frustrated..
    Im New to All of It..Being an Investigator I've always wanted to learn how to Fly drones( or get pictures like a bird!).. I have let's say not exactly excelled as of yet..I have 3/4 cheap $75/$100 plastic ones that I spend most flight hours in trees, search/recuse ..yes I know..I suck. So plz dont judge may laugh at my lack of comprehension of course but I'm here because your better and I need to learn your above average skill set..
    I came across a to good to be true deal for a Walkera Tali H500 for $100..
    Everything but case included.. Figured I'd be an expert in 2 days thanks 2 YouTube university.. Yep thats funny..So I do have several several questions/issues..I won't go into much detail but it ranges from well..All of It.. I did buy this thing used..So most info I need is becuse of how it was when I bought it..
    Devo F12e remote..
    ...wiring for the 8 pack Battery plug wires ( just making sure before I solder them) up to date etc..
    ...cant get it to bind..Can I reset everything and start from beginning or just figure out what the issues are as it is..
    I'm not expecting to have mastered it and in the air by noon..But if anybody could help my with just one of these issues and doesn't mind letting teaching me what you know..Then Thank you and Much appreciated.. Your awesome..If your rolling your eyes at my ignorance and dont have time..Please don't take the time to comment and I hope you get suck in traffic and have to go the bathroom..
    So do I need to be here or copy paste this somewhere else?
    . Regardless hope u have a great day!

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    Happy to help.

    On your first 2 questions.

    Wiring for the F12E transmitter.

    I throw away the white 8 pack container. It eats AA batteries way too fast.

    I use these batteries from HobbyKing. The radio supports both 3 and 4 cell lips.
    Don't change any Software or Firmware until you check with me. It's not like a PC or DJI Drone. And the tools need to be the correct vintage. Current tools with trash your flight controller.

    Do not try and go back to any beginnings.

    We need to work though your issues.

    Check that all trims on the radio are at 0. Trims will stop the bind.

    You only have about 10 seconds to power on the drone after powering on the radio or the bind will fail.

    You can try powering on the drone first to test.

    Documentation is here.

    Walkera Quick Start Guide For Tali H500 and Devo12

    Read this sticky post before you attempt to fly.

    FAQ: Tali H500 Getting Started. Read Before Your First Flight


    keep us informed
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