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Discussion in 'Walkera F210 3D' started by madals, Feb 18, 2018.

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    So now I am starting to get a lot more confident both LOS and FPV flying (thanks to previous advice from forum members!), looking to start having a bit of an experiment with 3D flying. I have had one, very brief attempt flying 3D which mainly consisted of a brief inverted hover and a very tense pilot! To be expected though, as no way thought it would be easy!!

    Have a couple of questions though hoping someone may be able to help with when flying LoS 3D:

    1) The lock/unlock procedure with 3D flight seems incredibly dodgy (mode 2). Is there a way to change the (dis)arm with a devo7 to one of the AUX switches? Especially for disarming so when the floor comes faster than expected, I can cut the motors ASAP to avoid burnout risk.

    2) It could simply be practice, but the change of motor direction when inverting seems to take a lifetime. When flipping / rolling in 2D, my normal approach is to get a quick burst of power before pulling back during the maneuver to keep a steady height. With the pause in motor direction, I seem to encounter a lot of movement when trying to invert. Is there a trick here or just practice?

    3) Talking of practice, call me boring but I am fond of my 210 and whenever I invert the floor seems very close! Especially the mushroom antenna/blades seem very exposed should something go wrong. Any suggestions to minimize the risks in the inevitable heavy landings when in 3D. In 2D, should a crash be imminent I always stop the motors and try to get as level as possible to minimize risks, but in 3D mode there is no quick way to stop motors.

    4) Any other great advice!!



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