A Morning Flight today and My very Brief Review

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    Finally had the opportunity to fly this morning before the rain comes. I used 'Walkera Drone' rather than 'Aibao Go' because I was more interested in using Aibao for FPV flight and taking aerial videos rather than for AR gaming.

    The drone flew as expected with no major issue. I had good control even when it was about more than 200 meters away. The telemetry in the app seems to be accurate as well, except for the battery level. It is always at full bar, even when the battery has dropped from 8.4v to 7.4v. But here are some additional points about today's flight:

    1) Acquiring of GPS satellites

    The Last time I flew, I noticed that it seems to take a long time for Aibao to acquire the gps signal. But this morning, it was ok. By the time I finished the pre-flight calibration procedure, Aibao had already acquired about 12 satellites. Taking off in gps mode was ok.

    One minor problem that I had: Because the rear LED flashes in red, I got confused with another of my drone, which flashes green in gps mode. So for a moment, I wondered why Aibao couldn't enter into gps mode when the screen already indicated than more than 12 statellites had been acquired...LOL It's totally my fault on this point

    2) Video Transmission

    I noticed in the beginning that video transmission was lost twice while the drone was very close to me, abt 10 meters away. But each time it happened, it only lasted abt 1 sec, then the video transmission was restored. Not sure if it is something that I should be worried about

    3) Video Preview Resolution

    I notice that the resolution for the live preview is very low. I don't have the exact figure, but from the looks of it, it was probably just 640X480. Because of the low resolution, flying FPV can be dangerous since I can't discern many of the details e.g. branches on the screen.

    Is there any way to change the live-preview resolution , let say to 720p?

    4) FPV Flight

    Theoretically, Aibao can do FPV, but in reality its kinda impossible unless you fly very slowly because the camera is pointing downwards. If you fly faster than 6m/s, you will only see the ground and cannot see what is coming ahead of you. This problem, coupled with the poor resolution of the live-preview on the screen, makes it very dangerous to fly FPV unless you are flying very high, and in a big and open field.

    5) Video Quality

    Because there is no image stabilization at the present video resolution offered by the app (4k and 2.7k), the video recorded is almost un-usable. Its just too shaky and gave me a headache when I watched it. I tried to stabilized it later with Movavi Video Editor, but I think the effect is not as good as what can be achieved by the EIS system of the Yuneec Breeze and the Xiro Xplorer Mini.

    RAW - Without Any Stabilization

    Stabilized using Movavi Video Editor

    My Personal Thoughts

    As a gaming drone, Aibao is ok. However, as a so-called racing drone, it fails because the camera is facing downward, which means that you can't see what is ahead of you if you fly faster than 6m/s. And finally, as a aerial video platform, it fails as well because of the lack of EIS.

    My hope is that Walkera will honor what it says in its official website by implementing EIS on the Aibao to give us some form of stabilized video recording. Until then, Aibao is just a gaming drone, and nothing more.

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