SW:CleanFlight version 1.2.0 F210, F150, F110 Compatible English 1.2.0

Cleanflight Version compatible with F110, F150, F210 and F210 3D.

  1. bjr981s
    This is CleanFlight Version 1.2.0 It is the base that Walkera use for Firmware updates and PID Settings. Use this Version of Cleanflight for both versions of the F210. Normal and 3D. Also the Rodeos Models 110 and 150.

    It requires Google Chrome to run.

    You can run multiple versions of Cleanflight in Chrome.

    Its a Java App so will Run on PC Windows and Mac OSX

    To install download zip folder and unpack.

    Start Chrome and Select the Manage Extensions button. (Extreme right button and select More tools drop down. In more tools select manage Extensions.)

    This will bring up your Apps and Extensions.

    Select Developer mode check box.

    This will bring up a Load Unpacked Extensions Button. Select the button.

    This will bring up an Explorer (WIN) or Finder (OSX) window Select the unzipped Cleanflight Folder.

    This will install CleanFlight.
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  1. Jeffri
    Version: 1.2.0
    Awesome. really help